CFF Social Studies Blogs

Classroom Blogs

* Social Studies Class Blog

Let's uncover history together.

* The Kneighborhood of Knowledge

A work in progress. See how this class has started using blogs in Social Studies classroom.

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Teacher Blogs

* Teaching the Civil War with Technology

This blog is written by Jim Beeghley who researched how teachers use technology to teach about the Civil War and is sharing some of his findings via this blog. A good collection of resources and ideas for any level looking to use technology to teach about the American Civil War. He also has a companion wikiwith lots of great resources.

* WV Council for the Social Studies

Web Blog for WV Teachers of the Social Studies

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Professional Blogs

* Warlick's 2 Cents Worth

Focuses of teaching and learning in the new information landscape.

* The Fischbowl

This blog is written by Karl Fisch, Technology Director at Araphoe High School in Colorado. Karls blog explores constructivism and 21st century learning skills.

The Fischbowl is a two time edublog Award Nominee.

* November Learning

Alan November is recognized internationally as a leader in education technology. November Learning helps educators around the world prepare their students to be 21st century empowered learners.

Student Blogs

* Civil War Sallie

Civil War Sallie is an educational "follow me" project that is traveling around the U.S. looking for Civil War Battlefields, museums or classrooms learning about the Civil War. Sallie shares her travels via her blog, Flickr and Twitter. Check out her homepage at