Distance Learning

This page is dedicated to distance learning opportunities. If you have a teacher, coach, and administrator looking for a distance learning opportunity put their information on this page. To make this successful, other will need to know what it is you want to do, subject your teaching, how long the project will go on for, and contact information. By doing this everyone who visits will be able to use this resource as a reference to link up with others from around the state and one day around the world. Start with the outline below and as time goes on simply use others postings as a format. Please feel free to expand on this format and include any relevant details.

Distance Learning information:

Subject: Contemporary Issues

Summary of project/experience: overview of the election

Duration of project/experience: time spread thoughout the year

Contact Information: wfisch@seal-pa.org

Program for connecting(Skype, Wimba, etc...): Skype or Wimba