Whiteboard resources and materials

At this wikispace, we are looking for resources that you've created yourself using your whiteboards. We are looking for resources that can be for a Promethean, Smart, or Polyvision whiteboards. The individual boards manufacturers are listed below. These are not the only suppliers of interactive whiteboards or that type of technology so please feel free to expand on this list. With the resource you post make sure you provide a brief explanation of the subject/lesson for this resource and any other relevant information.
Disclaimer: The teacher resources on this page are created by teachers for teachers and none of the companies listed below had any involved in their creation or evaluation of the resources content and shouldn't be looked at or reviewed by any users of this site in that way!



This is a beginning tutorial I use to get the teachers in my district aquainted with the Promethean Boards menu options. Updated! There were a few spelling errors that were corrected!



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